Have I Helped You Make Money? SAVE IT!

short post:

I write this blog to help normal working people leverage their ability to earn more income. In light of making more money, the question is, what do you do with it? I view this as extra money (and if you’re learning this information for the first time then it is extra for you too). What do you do with extra money? I recommend that you invest that extra money. Put it towards your future and financial independence. I personally move most of this money from my stable income position of the ESPP into higher growth positions such as Amazon, Netflix, Zillow, etc, these have all done very well for me over the last year, granted these are all tech stocks, and they are not all of my positions as I continue to grow my portfolio. You could very well choose to index that money and let it grow with stability and reliability over time – which is a great choice!

Using the information in my blog can make the average person 2- 5% more income per year. This is another tool to increase your income so you can save more money, get out of debt, and be financially independent. 


Thanks for reading, commenting and sending questions!



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